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Established in 1989, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA is a worldwide leader in the travel insurance market, operating in 75 countries with 44 subsidiaries.
AM Best, the Independent Financial rating organisation, rated MAPFRE ASISTENCIA, A (superior).


In the event of an insured person being involved in an accident or illness whilst abroad, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA will assist them in many ways such as: obtaining medical care, guaranteeing payment to the local medical provider/hospital, close contact between local physicians and our medical team, arranging accommodation and repatriation.


In the event of loss or theft of checked-in luggage and personal effects, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA will advise the insured person about reporting the loss and collaborate in replacing or locating the items.

Strength, Growth and Scope – the key benefits of our partnership.


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We’re the Mondial Assistance Group. And we’re here to help. In fact we’ve been helping people for nearly 60 years. As the world leader in Travel Insurance, Assistance and Personal Services, we look out for you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

4% of the world’s population relies on us

Today our group counts 250 million beneficiaries. That is roughly 4% of the world’s total population! We make 1 intervention every 2 seconds and assist 4,000 people every hour. In 2010 we answered 50 million calls and handled 16 million cases around the world.

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Formed in 1990, IPP has become the world-wide market leader in providing financial failure products to the travel industry.
Specialist Insurance Agency with the backing of some of the largest Insurance groups in the world.
Two covers are available to protect distributors against Financial Failure – ‘Scheduled Airline’ and ‘Full End Supplier’ cover.

Other Products from IPP include: Liability Cover, Agent Bonding, Tour Operator Liability, Events and Conference Cover.


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