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IASIS provides its members with the following benefits and services:

  • Insurance initiatives to generate additional sales income for IASIS members
  • Sourcing Insurers to meet youth travel organisations specific needs
  • Increase consumer confidence in the trusted, internationally recognised IASIS brand
  • Global promotion at industry events, reinforcing IASIS as the market leader
  • Spread risk en-masse and handle a greater volume of premiums
  • Increase the negotiating power of distributors
  • Improve the competitiveness of distributors
  • Be a referral point for distributors and Insurers

 IASIS membership is open to youth and student travel specialists who provide insurance coverage to the young people participating in their products, services and programmes.

The global community of members issuing IASIS insurance policies include the following types of organisations:

  • Youth & Student Travel Agents
  • International School Groups
  • Work Abroad Agencies
  • Adventure Tour Operators
  • Au Pair Agencies
  • Independent Language Schools
  • Universities
  • Youth Travel Accommodation Providers
  • Trade Associations

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